Alice och Mal spelar schack

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Dec 18 21:59:03 <leiya>    She watches the board concentrately and repeating quietly for herselft how the different pieces can move. The rook forward, the bishops diagonal, the knights two forward and one to the side. Alice appreciate that she doesnt need to ask Mal this, that would have been a bit embarrasing. Alice decides to move her pawn in front of her right rook two squares forward without any proper reason. She wanted to be able to move her rook next time as she just instinctly felt like it. After her stroke, she glances at Mal and gives him a little smile.

Dec 18 22:01:05 <Traxy>    Does he smile back? Yes, he does actually. And funnily enough, he mirrors her move again, although this time it’s on the same side, moving his left pawn two steps ahead, blocking Alice’s pawn. He too liked to have his options open. Now, if only he can remember what his younger brother had done to trick him into a check mate in just a few moves…

Dec 18 22:06:41 <leiya>    Alice has big problems finding out what to do next. Why did he continue mirroring her moves? Still without any plans, she moves her left horse two squares forward and one to the left. Alice starts to feel a bit nervous, maybe he is a relly good player and thought that she is stupid or something? Alice decides to concenrate orderly now and starts to think about some kind of plan for her next move.

Dec 18 22:13:43 <Traxy>    This time he was not going to mirror her move, and instead try something else. Mal still didn’t remember all the details of his brother’s stroke of genius, but he knew it had involved a few key pieces. Perhaps he could do something similar… so he moves a pawn, but only one space ahead instead of two, with a concentrated frown adorning his forehead.

Dec 18 22:20:59 <leiya>    After looking at the board for a while, she decides to move one of her pawns to get more possibilities to work from at her next move. Alice makes an attempt to start some kind of conversation asking “How do you enjoy hogwarts then?” and suddenly she realises she hasn’t asked for which year he was attending. Alice is pretty sure he is in year 2 but isn’t sure.

Dec 18 22:26:03 <Traxy>    “It’s alroight now,” he says in his Irish accent and therefore just using the word ‘now’ as a filler rather than meaning things were bad before but now they’re okay. While trying to think of a next move, he looks at her. She had definitely not been around last year, so she must be new… and this time she had mirrored him! “Lots of tings to do, I suppose. I would like to see any kind of billiards table around, though.” Mal gives a little longing sigh and moves the left knight (?).

Dec 18 22:33:33 <leiya>    Alice gives a slight smiles when she moves her bishop and is pretty proud of herself for having some kind of plan now. “Well, I don’t really agree that there is so many things to do. If you don’t enjoy quidditch, there isn’t many other things to do except watching quidditch games. I’ve never tried billiard actually, have you played it a lot?” She asks and have a picture in her head of a big green table and large marbles. Actually, she doesn’t have the slightest idea of what its all about.

Dec 18 22:47:11 <Traxy>    Someone he could try and convert! Excellent! “Well, dere are a load of other tings you can do,” he says while moving a pawn in the way of the white bishop. “Dere’s a trek group dat walk around the mountains and stuff every weekend, I tink. And study groups… and a chess club and gobstone club too. It’s a big place and you can easily get lost in the castle because it’s so massive!”

Dec 18 22:52:32 <leiya>    “So, my conclusion is that you dont like quidditch either?” She smiles. Finally she meets someone who isnt obsessed with anything that has to do with that stupid sport.

Dec 18 22:58:11 <Traxy>    “It’s okay, I suppose.” He shrugs. “It can be fun to play, but it’s not my sport of choice. My brothers and I have a snooker table at home, so I play that a lot. It’s a kind of billiards,” he adds, as she might not know what it is. Although, if she’s muggleborn, she’s probably seen some on TV, as all the major tournaments are broadcast on the BBC.

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